February 27, 2015


Welcome to Immanuel!


We invite you to join us for worship and fellowship and to see if this might be the right congregation for you.  Our congregation is known for its warm hospitality to all visitors, as well as its rich liturgical and musical traditions and hands-on social ministry projects.


We believe that God comes to us in Jesus Christ through the preaching of the word of God and the administration of the sacraments of Christ.  The Holy Spirit creates and enlivens faith through these outward means of grace.  This faith is actualized in works of love for our neighbors near and far.


This Week at Immanuel...

Sunday, February 22:

Joy of Music at 9:00am
The Service of Holy Communion at 10:30 am

Monday, February 23:


Tuesday, February 24:


Wednesday, February 25:

Lenten supper at 6:00pm
Evening Pray Service at 7:00pm
Adult Choir rehearses at 7:30 pm

Thursday, February 26:


Friday, February 27:


Saturday, February 28:


Sunday, March1:

Cafe Immanuel breakfast at 9:00am
The Service of Holy Communion at 10:30 am


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Dear Daughters and Sons of Abraham and Sarah,


This may seem like a peculiar greeting.It is proper, however, in light of this Sunday’s reading from Genesis.God comes to Abraham and Sarah in their old age and promises to make them the progenitors of a great people.They laugh out loud.It happens.They have a son and name him Isaac.The name itself means, “One who laughs.”


The Apostle Paul lifts up Abraham’s faith in God’s promise.Actually, it took a little convincing before Abraham and Sarah believed.Peter too has a problem believing.When Jesus tells the disciples that He must suffer and die and rise again, Peter basically told Jesus He ought not to do that.Jesus’ harsh response, “Get behind me Satan,” seems overplayed, but He recognized the Tempter at work through Peter.Peter gets it wrong more often than not.Think of him trying to walk on water.Think of him denying the Lord three times.In spite of this, the Lord still loves him and forgives him, and commissions him, “Feed my sheep.”


I am glad that the Bible is as it is.This story of God relating to us is full of our foibles and God’s amazing grace.The people of the Bible are people just like us.They are not super-heroes.In book after book we come to know the God who loves His creation so much that He is willing to go to great lengths in order to set it back on track. This culminates on the cross, as God literally becomes one of us in order to save us. We are inheritors of God’s covenant through the covenant of water and blood through Jesus Christ.




John, for the time being, your Pastor




PS: You may not have heard my announcement last Sunday. I will be stepping down as vacancy pastor of Immanuel in April. My last Sunday will be on April 12, the Second Sunday of Easter. I came to Immanuel in 2011 as a retired pastor. I need to re-retire. I greatly appreciate having been able to serve during part of this vacancy. I hope and pray that a new pastor will be chosen soon. The call process continues and there are new candidates to be interviewed. Pray for your call committee in their work on your behalf.




Wednesday, February 25­: 7:00 PM Evening Prayer


Next Sunday, March 1: Remember Café Immanuel serves breakfast at 9:00 AM.


Worship follows at 10:30 AM. Come and learn more about God’s covenant with us.

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