March 27, 2015


Welcome to Immanuel!


We invite you to join us for worship and fellowship and to see if this might be the right congregation for you.  Our congregation is known for its warm hospitality to all visitors, as well as its rich liturgical and musical traditions and hands-on social ministry projects.


We believe that God comes to us in Jesus Christ through the preaching of the word of God and the administration of the sacraments of Christ.  The Holy Spirit creates and enlivens faith through these outward means of grace.  This faith is actualized in works of love for our neighbors near and far.


This Week at Immanuel...

Sunday, March 22:

The Service of Holy Communion at 10:30 am

Monday, March 23:


Tuesday, March 24:


Wednesday, March 25:

Lenten supper at 6:00pm
Lenten Vespers at 7:00pm
Adult Choir rehearses at 7:30 pm

Thursday, March 26:


Friday, March 27:


Saturday, March 28:


Sunday, March 29:

Palm Sunday
The Service of Holy Communion at 10:30 am




FOR MARCH 29, 2015


Dear Friends in Christ,

This Sunday is Palm/Passion Sunday. Our opening rites recall Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. We will gather in the Fellowship Hall, receive our palms and then move into the sanctuary. The Palm Sunday Gospel from Mark is to be read. Once we have completed this gathering rite, we move on to the Passion of our Lord.


The Passion reading and the sermon will be woven together. Working from an idea from Bishop Rowen Williams, I will be moving from place to place in the church.  Each location will signify one sort of stop along the way. Bishop Williams says that Mark’s Gospel may have been formed by an early form of the “stations of the cross” as believers in the years before the destruction of Jerusalem followed the way in prayer and meditation.


This is the beginning of the week we call Holy.  Holy Week marks that time from the entrance into Jerusalem to the suffering, death and burial, and then the resurrection of our Lord. Our liturgies direct us in reading and in prayer. We do not re-enact what happened in history. Instead, we remember them as we participate in Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil, and the Resurrection. May God grant us a blessed Holy Week.


In Peace and Hope,


John, for the time being your Pastor



Sunday, March 29: Palm/Passion Sunday Eucharist 10:30 AM

Thursday, April 2: Maundy Thursday Noon and 8:00 PM

Friday, April 3: Good Friday Noon and 8:00 PM

Saturday, April 3: Easter Vigil 8:00 PM

Sunday, April 4: The Resurrection of our Lord

     9:00 AM: Cafe Immanuel


     10:30 AM: Resurrection Festival Eucharist


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